About us

We are exerting our utmost efforts to support the livelihood and improve the socio-economic status of mushroom growers. We believe that it is the mission of the spawn company to pursue surperior spawn and cultivation technology innovation through continuous reserch and development. We also believe that will lead to the protection of food, agriculture and forest resources. In future,we will continue to study to the unknown potential of mushrooms so that we can contribute to the world with mushroom.


Since its founding, Fujishukin has continued to provide mushroom producers with high-quality and stable spawn that enables high-speed cultivation of various edible mushrooms including shiitake using original special technology.
In addition, in order to ensure better production and stable harvest of high-quality mushrooms throughout the year, we provide guidance on cultivation techniques according to the conditions of each grower, and hold seminars and workshops on a regular basis. We always provide the latest technical information and useful management information to the growers.
In addition, as part of support for the promotion of the mushroom industry, we are actively engaged in research on the nutritional components of mushrooms and ingredients that are useful for health functions, as well as activities such as expanding mushroom consumption and demonstrating sales promotion.

  • Establishment
    • 1982
  • Place of business
    • Headquarters factory/R & D office (Minami-Alps), Yamanashi
    • Akita sales office
    • Hokkaido sales office
    • Miyagi log inoculation center, Oizumi log inoculation center
    • Directly managed farm Meisui mushroom farm land (Hakushu, Hokuto city)