Spawn business

Research / Development
In the R & D department, we not only strive to preserve the strains to ensure the stability of the spawn varieties but also develop highly yielding varieties contributing to the profitability of mushroom growers. Furthermore, we hope that growers will enjoy cultivating mushrooms with satisfaction due to our highly productive spawn.
Research on the physiological ecology of edible mushroom.
Development of new varieties, preservation of mushroom strains and analyzing nutritional components.
Inoculation and incubation of productive strains, product inspection, quality management, new mushroom cultivation test and management.

Inoculation / Culture
Substrate preparation, inoculation/incubation, inspection/shipping
The spawn production is done in fully clean area with high tech facility.
Spawn inoculation to incubation achieved under strict quality control and finally shipped to cultivator after product inspection and approval by the Inspector.

Shiitake seminar
At our company, we provide individual cultivation technical guidance while visiting the site on a regular basis so that the cultivation of customers who have purchased the spawn can proceed smoothly.
We also provide management advice such as designing cultivation facilities according to each management and cultivation conditions, setting the cultivation scale, selecting varieties, and market information for selling shiitake mushrooms in an advantageous manner.
in adition, we hold seminars for shiitake growers every year in various parts of Japan to improve the cultivation skills of growers.