Cultivation shiitake

  1. Cutting wood log

    • Oak trees green leaves change its color to autumn leaves and eventually the leaves fall before winter to survive during the cold season. Then they go into sleep until spring comes. It is best to cut logs during the dormant season.

  2. Inoculation (Sawdust spawn)

    • Drill holes in the wood log; 12mm in diameter and 23-25mm deep. If you use 90cm long log, it will need about 40-60 holes depending on a diameter of the log.

    • Inoculate sawdust spawn into holes using machines/tools. Then, seal the holes with wax or styrofoam cap to prevent spawn from drying and contamination.

  3. Karibuse (Vinyl Greenhouse)

    • Cover wood logs with plastic film. It is important to watch and control the condition (High moisture /mild temperature about 15-20℃) for the mushroom to colonize the log after inoculation. You can see white hypha at the cut ends of the logs approximately 20-30 days into Karibuse period. When the kinmon (white mycelium) started to appear at the cut ends of logs' surfaces and grow thick, control the humidity under the film cover by letting the air go in.

  4. Honbuse in Hotaba

    • After Karibuse, remove the cover, transfer logs to Hotaba (forest / facilities) and then transition into Honfuse period. Pile up the logs as shown in the picture. This management is to boost metabolism for the mushroom logs under open environment. To increase metabolism and spawns to fully colonize the logs manage the logs to go in cycles by watering and letting them dry appropriately.

  5. Soaking

    • A fully incubated shiitake mycelium is ready to transition from running spawn (mycelial growth) to the reproductive stage (fruiting, flushing). Giving environmental shock is required to trigger the reproductive stage. Soak the logs in water for 8-24 hours for flushing. Make sure to use clean and cold water. After running spawn smoothly, you will be able to start flushing about 5-6 months after inoculating Fuji sawdust spawns.

  6. Growing & Harvest

    • Unfold logs for sprouting and harvesting. Harvesting time is different depending on climate and Shiitake cultivar. If you prefer to harvest a few times a year, it is recommended to have more than 2 types.

  7. Restoration

    • By controlling the temperature between 15-25℃ with sprinkling water, shiitake logs can be harvested in about 40-50 days cycle.