Fujishukin Co., Ltd.

Minami-Alps, Yamanashi

Fujishukin was started with the purpose of supporting the lives of people in farming and mountainous area who are guardians of food and natural environment with mushrooms.
For that, it is necessary to prepare conditions so that even small-scale farmers, the elderly, and women can easily and enjoyably grow mushrooms with peace of mind.
Through various research and development, we have provided the world with high-performance spawn, new varieties and strains, and innovative cultivation techniques one after another.
We will continue to study the unknown possibilities of mushrooms and continue our efforts to contribute to the conservation of food, agriculture and forest resources and the creation of prosperous and sustainable communities after this.

In the R & D department, we not only strive to preserve the strains to ensure the stability of the spawn varieties but also develop highly yielding varieties contributing to the profitability of mushroom growers. Furthermore, we hope that growers will enjoy cultivating mushrooms with satisfaction due to our highly productive spawn.

For the cultivation of shiitake mushrooms, we use broad-leaved trees such as oak, which is 15 to 20 years old. In the felled forest, new shoots sprout from the stump. They grow vigorously again while actively absorbing CO2. Forests in good condition are thus maintained by recycling. By growing and consuming log shiitake mushrooms, we contribute to protecting forests and preventing global warming.