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Benefits of solar power system and log shiitake mushrooms cultivation together
Earns extra income from solar power system and log shiitake cultivation together; its realize a new agriculture
In order to make effective use of abandoned cultivated land, it is important to grow crops while earning income from selling electricity from solar panels. Under the solar panel, it is similar to the forest where there is no direct sunlight and the sunshine through the trees, which is a favorite environment for log shiitake cultivation.
Therefore, under solar power system cultivation of log shiitake and solar sharing is a perfect match
The solar sharing promotion business will lead to the stable strengthening of cultivation management, the effective use of abandoned cultivated land, the conversion to renewable energy, and the contribution to the reduction of CO2 against global warming.

We manufacture mushroom cultivation kits that can easily do cultivation at home even for the non professional.
This is a high demand product for children's food education, It can be new hobbies, healing, and as a slightly curious gift.

In Nepal shiitake log cultivation using by Fuji spawn
In Nepal shiitake log cultivation using by Fuji spawn
In Nepal shiitake log cultivation using by Fuji spawn
Shiitake Log cultivation training in Nepal
Shiitake Log cultivation training in Nepal
In India shiitake bag cultivation using by Fuji spawn
Shiitake bag cultivation test in India by Fuji instructor
Visitor from Portugal and Nepal in our company
Business meeting for shiitake cultivation in Portugal
Seminar on mushroom cultivation in Portugal
Business gathers with USA patner

In Japan and to the world!
We must do our utmost to support the lives of mushroom growers and improve their socio-economic status. To that end, we believe it is important for us to constantly pursue superior spawn and innovation in cultivation techniques through continuous research and development, which is also the mission of the spawn company.
Unfortunately, there are still many countries and regions in the world that need development assistance. If our mushroom technology is useful for industrial promotion support projects for such countries and regions, we will actively participate un such development promotion project. In fact, some countries already have agricultural promotion project that utilize our mushroom technology. At the same time, we hope that the day will come when Japanese mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms can contribute to the development and dissemination of food culture and health foods in each country and region. We would like to continue to contribute to the world with mushroom together with everyone in the world who can share the values and ideal as us.

Meisui kinoko village
View of winter season at Meisui kinoko village

We grow shiitake mushrooms in the forest of Hakushu at the foot of Mt. Kaikoma in order to make delicious and safe raw shiitake mushrooms.
The forests of Hakushu are surrounded by abundant natural environment throughout the year, which is filled with the freshest air in the summer, although the cold of winter is extremely severe.
Raw shiitake mushrooms from "Meishui Kinoko village" are cultivated on Satoyama's oak logs using only mineral natural water from the Southern Alps. Here, shiitake mushrooms grow slowly while breathing in the clean mountain air.
We want to bring the deliciousness of genuine shiitake mushrooms to your dining table all year around.
At the same time, we would like to convey the importance of food, agriculture and the environment to people through the cultivation of log shiitake mushrooms.