Shiitake sales promotion

“Satoyama monogatari”
Sales network brand name

  • Regula pack
  • Primeum pack
  • 150g pack

Making a brand for profitable sales of log shiitake mushrooms and operating a direct production network, log shiitake mushrooms can be sale to major supermarkets, department stores, and restaurants mainly in the metropolitan area by connecting log growers and small-scale growers who are struggling to develop sales channels. By connecting with department stores and restaurants, we will support for superior sales of raw wood shiitake mushrooms

A cooking magazine for professional chefs and cooking experts, name as a Ryori 100 sen. They were selected our spawn variety F 613 log shiitake "taketori monogatari", which carefully selects and introduces as a best recipe made by professional chefs at Ryori 100 sen on 2017, which is held every year.
The Ryori 100 sen is a food competition sponsored by the that magazine, and the screening is conducted every year with the strict eyes and tongue of famous restaurant chefs, pastry chefs, and cooking researchers.
The F 613 "taketori monogatari " has received a lot of attention due to its premium size and ease in cultivation. We sincerely hope that more people will enjoy it as a result of being selected as one of the Ryori 100 sen on 2017


  1. Meat stuffing

    1. Thinly slices of mushrooms stump, Chopped pork meet, Onion (chopped), Miso, Mix with salt and pepers
    2. Fill up the mixture on mushroom cap
    3. Bake in a frying pan
  2. Kinpira

    1. Shred mushroom stump and carrots, Put sesame oil in a frying pan and then fry
    2. Add Japanese sake, vinegar and soy sauce, finally fry well until it dry。
  3. Mushroom Steak

    1. Separate the mushroom cap from the stump and make a mesh cut on top of the cap
    2. Put olive oil in a frying pan and bakes to make a grill
    3. Put little salts and peppers, cover and stems
    4. Serve in a plate and chopped perilla leaf's on top
  4. Cutlets

    1. Mix with salts and pepper on pork meat (thinly sliced) and wrap shiitake mushroom
    2. add flour, eggs and bread crumbs
    3. Deep fry with oil under 170 to 180 degree Celsius
  5. Bacon roll

    1. Cut the axis vertically
    2. Warp the mushroom slice with bacon
    3. Bake the oil in a hot frying pan.
    4. Add vinegar, sugar and soy sauce finally boil
  6. Meat stuffing

    1. Minced pork, eggs, Onion (chopped), Bread crumbs, Mixed with salts and pepper and fill on mushroom.
    2. Put oil on fry pan, after heated of oil then put mushroom cap with meat stuffing upside down., Finally bake carefully so as not to burn.
  7. Chicken and shiitake with teriyaki source

  8. The simple pasta of a king oyster and bacon (2)

  9. The pasta of maitake mushrooms

  10. The pasta of a king oyster and an olive

  11. Pork and the saute of basil

  12. Namul of an oyster mushroom and broccoli

  13. Mushroom sauce of white-fleshed fish

  14. mushroom saute and semi dry tomato

  15. Mushrooms and vegetable tempura

  16. Mustard sauce baking of shiitake mushroom

  17. maitake no tennpura

  18. Marinade of grilled mushrooms and vegetables

  19. Grilled chicken with mushroom source

  20. Grilled maitake mushroom

  21. Fritto of a mushroom

  22. Cream stew of a codfish and a mushroom

  23. Cream pasta of maitake

  24. Mitake mushroom risotto

  25. A baked king oyster with mustard

  26. The salad of a mushroom

  27. Stir fried oyster mushroom and leek