Shiitake sales promotion

“Satoyama monogatari”
Sales network brand name

  • Regula pack
  • Primeum pack
  • 150g pack

Making a brand for profitable sales of log shiitake mushrooms and operating a direct production network, log shiitake mushrooms can be sale to major supermarkets, department stores, and restaurants mainly in the metropolitan area by connecting log growers and small-scale growers who are struggling to develop sales channels. By connecting with department stores and restaurants, we will support for superior sales of raw wood shiitake mushrooms

A cooking magazine for professional chefs and cooking experts, name as a Ryori 100 sen. They were selected our spawn variety F 613 log shiitake "taketori monogatari", which carefully selects and introduces as a best recipe made by professional chefs at Ryori 100 sen on 2017, which is held every year.
The Ryori 100 sen is a food competition sponsored by the that magazine, and the screening is conducted every year with the strict eyes and tongue of famous restaurant chefs, pastry chefs, and cooking researchers.
The F 613 "taketori monogatari " has received a lot of attention due to its premium size and ease in cultivation. We sincerely hope that more people will enjoy it as a result of being selected as one of the Ryori 100 sen on 2017